Now I can’t confess that I’m a golf enthusiast but I’ve just come across a website that claims to be amongst one of the top 100 golf courses in the world.  Actually, after viewing the website thraciancliffs and watching the promotional video that comes with it, I’m beginning to see why.  It is very impressive.   It’s situated within the Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort, Cape Caliakra, just north of Varna.

18-Hole Golf Course By The Sea

The golf course was designed by Gary Player (um, is he famous? – I don’t know much about golf!!!) and opened in 2011 GaryPlayer.  It’s been built right by the sea, along the cliffs and the views from it are stunning. tripadvisor.

Beach Resort

There are 2 “villages” – Marina Village Suites marinasuites and Hillside Village Suites hillsidesuites, built in the traditional Bulgarian style and both offering luxury accommodation.  The restaurants offer fine dining and the beach (called “Bendida”) offers all sorts of sports, as well as facilities for luxurious sunbathing (watch the video on the Thracian Cliffs website) thraciancliffs  .  Looks like there’s also a small marina.  Hmm – maybe I’ll take up golf!