We’ve recently come back from Vlas after spending 10 very relaxing days in the sun  (7 – 17 June).  The weather was absolutely glorious and the only time we really saw much rain was on the Monday afternoon.  We were in our apartment enjoying the sunshine when dark clouds came over very quickly, the heavens opened and we were treated to an amazing thunder and lightning storm which, to be fair, was really enjoyable (unless you were out in it of course!).  Huge hailstones (yes, really big ones) clattered and bounced onto the ground for quite a few minutes – causing some car alarms to sound so you can imagine how hard they came down.  We’ve never seen such a storm before.  But within a pretty short time the clouds started to break up, the sun came out and normal service was resumed (as they say).

Calm sky after storm

The calm after the storm

Sky clearing

The sky soon cleared