Packed Away For Winter

At the end of each summer season the marina and beaches look very different.  The palm trees are covered up to protect them from the winter weather, the restaurants and shops are closed (except for maybe one or two) and most of the boats are taken out of the water until the Spring.

Boats out of water for winter

Boats are taken out of the water for the winter

Boats in dry dock Mar 2015

Marina dry dock Mar 2015

Time For A Makeover

The Patriot gets its annual spruce up ….

Patriot March 2015

Patriot Mar 2015

Patriot Mar 2015


You Can Still Go Boat Shopping …


Boat for sale


Winter Time Is An Opportunity To Build An Extension …

Planet Yacht extension

Plant Yacht being extended

The Dinevi Brothers’ Boat Still In The Marina

Dinevi's boat


And Mr Dinevi On His Way To Check It?

Dinevi Bros' Nissan

Fishing Boats Still Go Out …