We’ve just come back from St Vlas after enjoying a 9 day break at our apartment – shame it went so fast!  We went on 11th May and didn’t find many places open when we arrived but it was gradually waking up during our stay.

Busy At The Beach

There’s several small buildings being erected next to La Playa beach bar and The Verandah.  It looks as though they’re going to be toilet blocks for the bars, which is definitely a good idea.

New toilet block by La Playa beach bar

New toilet block by La Playa beach bar

Another New Building

This is being built to the side of the marina and overlooking the beach.  Just can’t decide what it’s going to be yet but it’s very long!  I’m off to Vlas again next month – hopefully it’ll be finished so I can report back …



New build to side of marina

The open air part doesn’t look that long from this angle but even the new building is pretty large

New Swimming Pool and Bar at Palace Hotel

The old swimming pool has been completely re-shaped and there’s now going to be a circular bar by the pool.

New swimming pool at Palace Hotel

New bar by Palace Hotel pool

You get more of an idea of the size of the new building on the marina from this photo