ATM machines in St Vlas

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As I’ve said before, there are the usual options for changing money in Bulgaria.  You can take cash and change it either at a bank or a Crown change kiosk, you can take travellers cheques and change these at a bank or you can just pop to an ATM machine...


Weather In St Vlas

St Vlas – Monthly Weather Averages These are the average temperatures reached between 2000 to 2012 (degrees centigrade) : January: High: 8 / Low: 1 February: High: 9 / Low: 1 March: High: 12 / Low: 4 April: High: 15 / Low:  7 May: High: 20 / Low: 11 June: High:...


Trip to Sozopol

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Several Options One of the trips I’ve been wanting to do and hopefully will get to do when I next go to our apartment is to visit Sozopol.  I understand it’s about 75 miles south of Vlas.  There are several ways to get there – you could organise a taxi...


Cheap flights to Bourgas

September flights We’ve just booked a flight – London Luton to Bourgas – 27 September to 7 October for £67.98 each return!  (as of 25 July 2015 – the prices can vary)  And if you can travel light (small cabin bag 42 x 32 x 25 cms) it won’t cost...


Google gets everywhere !

We saw this parked by La Playa Beach Bar on Dinevi Marina when we were out for a stroll one day in June.  It’s quite interesting to see Vlas on Google but it’s a shame most of the images seem to be out of season.    street view  


Did You Know?

Flowers In Bulgaria it’s traditional to give an even number of flowers at a funeral.  It’s therefore considered inauspicious to give an even number on a happy occasion, so, always make sure you give somebody an odd number when presenting them with a bouquet (or give them a single flower) Nodding...