Nessebar is split into two areas – “old” and “new”.  Old Nessebar is set on a rocky peninsula connecting it to the mainland and New Nessebar.

Road between old and new Nessebar

The road dividing Old and New Nessebar

It’s A Must See!

Whatever you do, if you go to this area you must go to Old Nessebar.    Just a little south of Sunny Beach and St Vlas,  it’s easily reached by bus or taxi which stops close to the harbour.  From the centre of Sunny Beach there’s also a mini-train you can hop onto .  Nessebar has great historic value and is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. .

There’s an absolute plethora of things to see including many old churches, some now in ruins but many that are now being used as shops, art galleries etc.  Countless shops selling all sorts of items including the usual touristy stuff as well as clothes to suit all pockets – (excuse the pun!), beautiful leather coats and bags, jewellery, crochery, antiques, to name but a few.  Restaurants are everywhere and many have wonderful views overlooking the sea.  Or sit at one of the cafes and watch the world go by.

Step Back In Time

The moment you walk through the entrance to Old Nessebar you immediately feel the magical olde worlde atmosphere.  Nearly all of the buildings are in the traditional Bulgarian style set within winding cobbled streets.  Sensible footwear is recommended – stilletos are definitely not!


Nessebar ruins

Nessebar ruins



Church Ruins

Church Ruins

Traditional building

Traditional Bulgarian building