Are You A Car Enthusiast?

If you are, then St Vlas is the place to go to see some pretty amazing cars.  Many of them are owned by the Dinevi brothers.

Dinevi Bros

Dinko and Yordan Dinevi (to the right of the picture)

Mitsuoka and Hennessey

Dinevi brothers’ Mitsuoka and Hennessey

Dinevi Hennessey

Dinevis’ Hennessey


Dinevi Mitsuoka

Dinevi brothers Mitsuoka parked outside La Playa Beach Bar



Dinevi Brothers’ Lambourghini (from the rear)

Dinevi Bros Lambourghini front

And the front view


Dinevi cars

Just a few more …

Mercedes, Lambourghini and Maybach

Dinevi Brothers’ Mercedes, Lambourghini and Maybach

Vlas’s Very Own Car Rally

Each year (I think it may be early May-ish), Vlas Marina takes part in the Sofia-St Vlas Premium Rally (Youtube Video), with

Lambourghini rally car

Dinevi’s Lambourghini ready for the rally


Vlas car rally pic

It’s pretty popular

Just a few other cars you may see around

Wherever you look there’s usually an interesting vehicle to see …

Yellow car Vlas Marina

I have no idea what this is. Any ideas?

American Muscle Car

A bit of American Muscle

Car outside Sunny Beach hotel

I managed to take this photo before somebody came to shoo me off outside a hotel in Sunny Beach

St Vlas Dinevi

Slightly bigger than your average car.