I have an update on the structure that was being built on Vlas marina when we holidayed earlier this year (May 2017).  This new bar/restaurant is called “LOFT”.  To be honest, I expected more of a marine name as it looks to me like they’ve tried to replicate a boat but not so.  We were in Vlas for a couple of weeks and when we left on 16 July ’17 it was obviously not far from being open. Shame we didn’t get to go there but there’s always the next time.

Here’s just a few pics from our last visit:

Beach view of Loft

View from the beach



Ok – to be fair it doesn’t actually look much from my photos.  It’s much longer in real life.


It looked like it was pretty close to opening when we left and it’s now open.  LOFT.St.Vlas