During the main holiday period (May to September) it’s very easy to get to Bulgaria from nearly all UK airports.  The main airlines are Thomsons, BH Air (Balkan Holidays) and wizzair.  Bourgas airport is the closest one to Vlas and Sunny Beach (about 30 to 40 minutes drive) but there’s also Varna airport – further away but still accessible.   You can either book a package holiday or just a flight.  Do your homework – as with any destination prices can vary for all sorts of reasons and naturally it depends on when you want to go.  We all know school holiday periods put the prices up!

Even though we don’t need to book a package holiday (as we already have our accommodation side sorted), we still check out the prices just in case they work out a bit cheaper – and occasionally they actually do work out cheaper.  The transfer from the airport is included in the flight price but it’s likely to only take you to Sunny Beach (that’s where most of the hotels are likely to be).  If you’re staying at, say, Vlas or Elenite and have gone on a package deal you’ll still need to get a taxi or bus to where you’re staying.  Add it all up and see if it’s a good alternative.