When we went to our apartment in June we walked to Sunny Beach.  On the way we decided to walk through the grounds of this new hotel.  I realise now I got the name wrong … it’s actually called the Club Hotel Riu Helios Paradise.  Here are some photos I took :-



Just one of the pools



Another pool

And another pool

Many of the trees have been retained

Many of the trees have been retained

Walkway to Sunny Beach

The new walkway from the hotel to Sunny Beach

Old Sanitorium Site

When we went to St Vlas in March we could see the builders working frantically to get the new hotel on this site finished (I took the photo at the top of this post in September 2014 which shows the hotel in the background – from Sunny Beach direction).  I’ve noticed that Thomsons are now advertising holidays there thomson.  This is located just before entering Sunny Beach from St Vlas.  It’s going to be an all-inclusive hotel with Thomsons but I’m sure lots of other travel companies will be advertising it too.  I personally wouldn’t choose an “all-inclusive” hotel in St Vlas as there’s such a large choice of bars and restaurants to go to but that’s just me!  It does look a beautiful hotel.