As far as I know there are 2 Chinese Restaurants in St Vlas.  The photo above is the one on the main street leading to the square –

“China Town”


This Restaurant has changed locations several times since we’ve been going to Vlas.  Our first meal there was when it was in Vlas square.  It then moved down to Vlas Marina for probably a couple of years then re-located to just off the main road.  As you can see, it’s now amongst the many shops and restaurants leading towards the square.  We haven’t had that many meals here but when we have, we’ve found them to be very good.  The portions are huge – we nearly always ask for a “doggy bag” and take the leftovers back to our apartment to eat the next day – makes it really excellent value too!

“Fei Xiang”

The other chinese restaurant in Vlas is in a very good position on the first floor overlooking the square (this is where China Town used to be).  We haven’t been to this one – yet …

Fei Xiang restaurant

Fei Xiang restaurant