Our Favourite Restaurant In The Village

As it’s name suggests, this restaurant is right in the centre.  You have to go up some steps to get to it as it’s above some shops but it’s really well positioned.  It’s split into two areas, both with a terrace with tables and chairs overlooking the village square.  If you want to stay indoors you can go inside to eat – up to you – but you’ll miss another of our pastimes …. people watching!  It’s so fascinating to see the range of people walking by and try to guess their nationality.  To be fair, you can often tell a Bulgarian lady.  I think they have a really good sense of fashion and are very stylish.

View from the square

This is one of the views overlooking the square from Central Restaurant


And Our Favourite Waiter …

Plowman.  He’s been there for as long as we can remember.  He’s always so friendly and will always try and sort out a table for you when it’s busy.  He rushes around like the proverbial fly and never keeps you waiting (there are other staff of course but he’s the best in our opinion).  His wife also works there and she is very pleasant.  They’ve not long had a baby so we don’t see her so often now.

Large One?

If we go during the day we usually have a coffee or a beer but if we go there in the evening we like to have a bottle of wine (there’s a very good range and you can get a bottle for well under a fiver). We’ll sometimes then have a cappucino and a brandy.  Plowman has got to know my husbands liking for Pliska Brandy and usually says “a large one?”.  A small measure in Bulgaria is a double measure here in the UK, so a large one is a quadruple! Guess which one my husband picks!