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Marina Dinevi

As you walk around the marina at Vlas, you’ll see these headstones set into the wall …    


ATM machines in St Vlas

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As I’ve said before, there are the usual options for changing money in Bulgaria.  You can take cash and change it either at a bank or a Crown change kiosk, you can take travellers cheques and change these at a bank or you can just pop to an ATM machine...


Weather In St Vlas

St Vlas – Monthly Weather Averages These are the average temperatures reached between 2000 to 2012 (degrees centigrade) : January: High: 8 / Low: 1 February: High: 9 / Low: 1 March: High: 12 / Low: 4 April: High: 15 / Low:  7 May: High: 20 / Low: 11 June: High:...


Google gets everywhere !

We saw this parked by La Playa Beach Bar on Dinevi Marina when we were out for a stroll one day in June.  It’s quite interesting to see Vlas on Google but it’s a shame most of the images seem to be out of season.    street view  


The flowers, particularly the roses, are beautiful in June

I love roses – in fact I think they’re probably my most favourite flower. When we went to our apartment in early June of this year it was lovely to see so many beautiful roses and many other flowers in full bloom.  The photo above was taken from the gardens of...


Hotels and Apartments in St Vlas

A (Very) Small Selection of Hotels and Apartment complexes in St Vlas (there are many, many more)  … I’m afraid I can’t review any of them as I’ve never personally stayed in them ! but I have added some links so you can read more about them ….   tripadvisor beachbulgariapeshev_hotel...


Love to shop?

Jewellery shop
There's a good selection of jewellery shops

Vlas is brimming with shops of all kinds.  There are more and more each time we go.  Here is just a very small selection ….