Where Do You Start?

You might think it’s a bit daunting to buy a property in Bulgaria, particularly if you don’t intend to actually go and live there.  You may want to just use it for holidays, to rent out or an investment of course.

Barrasford and Bird

We were very fortunate when we purchased our apartment in St Vlas back in 2005, not long after our first ever visit to Bulgaria. As well as contacting other agents, we got in touch with a company called Barrasford and Bird.  As well as their offices in the UK (Devon and Bristol), they also had bases in Sunny Beach and St Vlas.  They dealt exclusively with the Dinevi brothers developments dineviresort.com (the Dinevi brothers have also built complexes in Pamporovo but we haven’t been there).  They had a good team in all places, headed by Robin Barrasford and Alan Bird.  We met both Robin and Alan and found them to be really nice people.  Unfortunately I don’t think they sell properties in Bulgaria any more but I may be wrong. They certainly have properties for sale in France, Greece and Orlando plus many in the UK.  Their team in Sunny Beach and St Vlas were particularly helpful to us and made the whole process very easy.

Go And Have A Look

Obviously if you’re thinking of buying somewhere you need to go and have a look.  When we were looking for something to buy, Barrasford and Bird (as well as other companies) organised tailored viewing trips which included a flight and accommodation for several nights and site visits of the properties for sale. We personally decided to go for a week when we went to look at properties so booked a package deal and combined it with a holiday.  We organised several viewings with different agents and found the team at Barrasford and Bird to be the most informative and professional (and in our opinion they probably had the best developments for sale – but we’re biased as we bought one!).

Spoilt For Choice

As I’ve said before, we found it to  be a pretty simple procedure to buy a property in Bulgaria.  And there are many ways to go about it.  There are obviously new builds as well as re-sales.   You can go through an Agent or direct with the developer, such as dinevi and bulgarianproperties.com.   Some people also market their properties privately.  One thing is for sure – you won’t have difficulty finding something perfect!