It’s a busy time in April down the beach.  All of the sand that was piled up throughout the winter to protect the beach is now being flattened.  The sunbeds and parasols are being prepared.  The boats that were taken out of the marina are now gradually being put back into the water.  Some of the restaurants along the marina are being refurbished and will soon be open again for the summer season (Gloria Mar and Poseidon restaurants were already open when we went at the beginning of April).

Vlas beach

View across the beach being prepared


As I’ve said before, the Dinevis are always doing something to enhance the area.  Here’s more palm trees that have been delivered, ready to be placed around the marina …

Palm trees ready to be put in their places

The photo below shows the area in front of Cool & Hott beach bar.  It’ll soon be transformed ready for the beach lovers and sun worshippers

Digger preparing the sand by Cool & Hott beach bar