As I’ve said before, there are the usual options for changing money in Bulgaria.  You can take cash and change it either at a bank or a Crown change kiosk, you can take travellers cheques and change these at a bank or you can just pop to an ATM machine and get leva from there.  Check with your bank though – some charge for using ATM machines abroad.

So Where Are The ATM Machines?

Well there’s one outside the Co-Operative Bank in Vlas village square (in between the post office and Central Restaurant) –

Co-op Bank

Update (2017) :

When I visited Vlas in June with my niece, we noticed the Co-Operative Bank has now relocated to the small parade of shops below the Brazilia restaurant so there’s an ATM machine there too.  I’ll take some photos of it next time I go (didn’t think to take any when I went – too busy thinking about shopping!).


Laguna Hotel has one –

Laguna Hotel

Laguna Hotel

It’s on the left hand side just by the entrance

ATM machine at Laguna Hotel

There’s also one outside the red supermarket (from the casino by the bus stop on the main Vlas road, go up the bank towards the village, turn right and this supermarket is on the left hand side)  –

Red supermarket

ATM at red supermarket

If you go towards Sunny Beach from Vlas and into Mercury supermarket you’ll also find one inside there –

Mercury Supermarket

(There’s also a toilet at Mercury Supermarket, which is obviously very useful).

Any Others?

You tell me –  I’ve probably missed some (ATM machines that is – although maybe a list of public loos would be a good idea? – I’ll have a think about that one!)

Another Update (25/02/18)

I’ve just been informed by one of my readers (thanks Michael) that there’s one outside the Siana Restaurant now.  I’ll try and remember to take a photo of that one too …