Hi.  I’m Ann.  This blog is my way of letting you all know about where I enjoy spending my time in Bulgaria. I hope you will find my blog interesting and maybe even informative.

My husband and I bought a small apartment in St Vlas in 2005.  You may think it was a bit risky to buy a property that hadn’t even been built but as soon as we arrived in the area we knew instantly that it was the right thing to do.  We looked at quite a few other developments (already built as well as off-plan) but none gave us that same feeling.

“Where Do We Start?”

We found an Agent that was based in the UK but also had offices in Sunny Beach and St Vlas so it was all very easy.  In 2004 we booked a week’s package holiday in virtually the cheapest hotel in Sunny Beach that we could find.  It didn’t matter what facilities were on offer or where it was really, the only criteria was that it was somewhere in Sunny Beach (or close to it).  Our aim was to view all the apartments that were available in the area or, if they hadn’t yet been built, to atleast see where they would be.  The area looked very different than it does now – a tremendous amount of buildings have since been built and sometimes it’s hard to remember how it was!

We’d already made a list of where we wanted to view and set up some appointments.  You were spoilt for choice so we shortlisted where we particularly wanted to see.  All the Agents were very helpful but we decided to go with Agents called Barrasford and Bird.  They took us to St Vlas, gave us a tour of some of the apartments that had already been built and showed us floorplans of the complex “Compass”.  As the development hadn’t even been started they weren’t able to show us the precise spot of where Compass would be but gave us a good idea of the actual location.  The developers were two brothers (Dinko and Yordan Dinevi) http://dineviresort.com/en who had made a vast investment in St Vlas.

The Next Step

We both fell in love with the area and promptly chose an apartment at Compass.  We paid a holding deposit and excitedly awaited for our apartment to be built – it was due for completion in May 2005.  The rest is history ……


Compass apartments

This is an early photo of Compass, the gardens are now much more established

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