We’ve just come back from a very much enjoyed holiday at our apartment (beginning of May 2018).  To be honest, the weather was a little bit mixed – started off beautifully with really warm days but we did have several cloudy/rainy days so I didn’t take many photos this time (I always think a photo looks so much better with a blue sky!).  When we’ve gone over in early May in previous years we’ve usually had really good weather.  Typically, the weather has now returned to being glorious now that we’re back – just like the weather in the UK was when we were in Bulgaria!  Oh well – that’s life …..

However, I took the above photo when we did have a cloudless sky.  It gives you an idea of the new building that’s happening on the corner of Vlas square where the fast food shops used to be.  There was also some shops and a restaurant in this area as it extended all around the corner.  Rest assured – it looks as though they’re building new fast food shops on the ground floor as well as several spanking new retail outlets, plus apartments over.  I’ve got to admit, I quite liked what was there before ‘cos it looked more ‘rustic’ but, once finished, this new area really will look stunning.

As I’ve said before, there’s always something new to see when we go!  We’ll hopefully be going again quite soon so watch this space folks – I’ll pop some more photos on then.